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Flow production

We strive to create the greatest possible value for our particular customers. All employees focus on fulfilling the precise requests and expectations that the customer has for us as an outsourcing partner and an integrated part of the product owner’s logistics.

Flow production
Scaniro uses flow production in order to achieve an effective, quick and successful development and production process.

  • Accelerates speed-to-market
  • Improves the possibility of product success
  • Introduces discipline into an otherwise chaotic process
  • Reduces work wastage and other waste
  • Improves focus by means of gates which stop inferior projects
  • Achieves effective and optimal use with few resources
  • Ensures a complete process, in which all critical stages are addressed
  • Flexibility, quality and delivery on time – are the most important parameters for our customers, and for Scaniro they are a prerequisite for us to live up to.


Scaniro has at its disposal automatic production lines and fully automatic laser cutting. This provides high quality and optimal consistency during batch productions. Raw materials are laser cut, milled, lathe punched and folded for the intermediate goods warehouse – ready for batch production. Subsequently we can make products to order flexibly and quickly.


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