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Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Greenhouse Gas Protocol
Greenhouse Gas Protocol describes the work of registering CO2 footprints both upstream and downstream - ie. both before and after Scaniro's own production in the value chain.

GHGP is the most widely used international standard for CO2 inventory and calculation of the company's emissions of greenhouse gases - and registers the improvements (reductions) that we make on an ongoing basis.

Scope 1: Direct emissions in own production, including transport.
Scope 2: Indirect emissions from the supply of energy to the company, ie. electricity and heat.
Scope 3 - Upstream: Emissions from extraction and processing of raw materials and procurement.
Scope 3 - Downstream: Emissions from end customer consumption.

Transparency and recordable CO2 footprint
With the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, for example, transparency and detectable CO2 footprints will not only be important in Scaniro's internal value chain, but also at the selected raw material suppliers and the plants from which we buy aluminum, steel and iron. We buy metal at European steelworks - among others. SSAB, which has a defined goal of reducing its CO2 footprint to 20% by 2050. 

See more about SSAB>

For more information - contact: Ib Thorup, Compliance and Operations - E-mail: it(at)


Scaniro has at its disposal automatic production lines and fully automatic laser cutting. This provides high quality and optimal consistency during batch productions. Raw materials are laser cut, milled, lathe punched and folded for the intermediate goods warehouse – ready for batch production. Subsequently we can make products to order flexibly and quickly.


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