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Assembly and finished products

Assembly of the product parts subsequently occurs whilst a thorough quality control of each workpiece is taking place. Sub components for the finished product can also be installed by Scaniro, if the customer wants this.

We assemble and deliver on request
The degree of refinement is individual from customer to customer – and this also applies to the degree of preassembly of the product. Scaniro can advise you about surface treatment and preassembly – and we often agree specific final treatment for the individual customer.

All products are quality assured before delivery
The individual product is inspected and approved for delivery – in accordance with the order’s specifications. Scaniro's employees ensure that the products are handled carefully and professionally. Any faulty product parts are rejected.


At Scaniro our employees ensure that all workpieces are quality assured before they are delivered to the customer.


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Your Scaniro coordinator at our Customer Center ensures that your production in our factory is up and running.

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