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ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification

The Scaniro management system is built and certified according to the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.We will always strive to achieve the best results based on the conditions provided by the client, the clients market demands and Scaniro capabilities – according to the following policies:

• that we within our production area constantly are updated with all relevant laws and regulations within quality and environment to ensure that our processes and services as a minimum meet all relevant requirements and regulations.

• that our products always meet the clients expectations – this will be achieved through matching expectations and systematic process control of sales activities, production preparation, production and delivery.

• that requirements on environmentally sound production – by Scaniro as well as Scaniro manufacturers – are equivalent to requirements on quality and profitability. This shall contribute to ensure Scaniro competitiveness and sustainable development

• that we provide and ensure an efficient and active safety and health effort in order to guarantee safe and healthy workplaces.

• that we use the methods and substances which best promote safety and health efforts. We will always work to ensure that there at Scaniro is room for all – this also applies to employees and other personel who for some reason are not fully able to work in a period or permanently.

• that we always during the purchase, expansion and relocation of equipment involve the safety committee as an active partner.

ISO 9001 certification – Download PDF here

ISO 14001 certification – Download PDF here


Scaniro råder över automatiska produktionslinjer och helautomatisk laserskärning. Det ger en högkvalitativ och maximalt jämn serieproduktion. Råvaror laserskärs, fräses, revolverstansas och bockas till mellanvarulager – som serieproduktion. Därefter orderproducerar vi flexibelt och snabbt. 


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